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JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI Don’t Give a Crap About the Adult Adoptees Who Have Been Deported

Let’s just put it out there for the record.  Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS – Tommy DiFilipo), National Council For Adoption (NCFA – Charlie “Chucky” Johnson), and the Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute (CCAI- Kathleen Strottman) – three “esteemed” members of the adoption establishment – could care less about the adult adoptees who have been deported, who are at the risk of being deported, and who have no idea that they could be deported from the US, the country hundreds of thousands of international adoptees call their home.

One doesn’t need to look far to find evidence supporting this “lavish” claim.

  • Seriously.  Where were JCICS, NCFA, the CCAI, and their constituents during the passage of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, which makes it clear that adult adoptees of a certain age who lack the necessary paperwork can be kicked out of the US?  Oh, right.  They were pandering to adoptive parents like they always do.  When I recruited potential adoptive parents while working for Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS) and Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota (LSS), I and the other members of the “outreach team” mentioned the automatic citizenship thing, but never discussed the “loophole” that makes it possible for adult adoptees to be booted.  Rather, we focused on the notion that the “adoption community” banded together to help pass the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 in order to make the adoption process more convenient for adoptive parents, lest these parents forget to finish the paperwork.

  • JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI also haven’t said a word about the most recent anti-deportation petition efforts.  The “Citizenship for All US Intercountry Adoptees” petition helmed by Korean Focus obtained 1,500 signatures.  The “Stop the deportation on Russell Green and other adoptee immigrants” petition being pushed by AdopSource has obtained 1,085 signatures.  Both petitions have been promoted in numerous places, even by adoption agencies.  Yeah, I’m 100% certain that JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI are aware of them.  Nevertheless, JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI turn a blind eye.  Why you ask?  Who knows.  Perhaps to publicly acknowledge the petitions would require of them to publicly acknowledge their roles in allowing the fault in the system to exist in the first place…

I have a message for JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI.  If you truly care about adoptees,  mull over the following thoughts of Matthew Scherer, one of the deported adoptees mentioned in an opinion piece that was published in The Korea Times yesterday.  After that, why don’t you come up with a possible plan for 2012 to take care of this deportation issue.  If you can manage that, I promise to find you adoptees who will work with you (as equal partners) in championing the cause.  You know how to reach me.  After all, I’m serving as one of the token adoptees at the JCICS symposium and I’m talking with one of you about other, ah, stuff.  So, we’ll chat soon, right?  😉

“I would say that the US should change and amend the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and make citizenship retroactive for all foreign born adoptees, regardless of age.  We adoptees never asked to be adopted and sent to the US.  However, since we had no choice and we were brought to the US legally by US citizens, then we should all be granted the same rights as biological children.” — Matthew Scherer, 3/4/2012

5 Comments on JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI Don’t Give a Crap About the Adult Adoptees Who Have Been Deported

  1. Go Matt!

  2. I totally agree that there should be legislation making ALL adopted children US citizens. That being said, what are the chances that there will be legislation passed to provide US citizenship to ALL adoptees and/or the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 becoming retroactive?

  3. Yes I agree that should change the law and and making all adopted children parent of a US citizen all american citizen and no matter if the adult have be deported should come back to US .
    no matter what age they all adoptees be US citizen .

  4. I like you to know I have son waiting to be deported he is a adoptee from US citizen to.

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