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Renegades in Adoption – Astrid Dabbeni

As a proud participant of the Unofficial “Why the adoption establishment annoys me” Blog Week, I thought it would be appropriate to induct a new Renegade in Adoption. So, I am happy to name Astrid Dabbeni as our newest Renegade in Adoption.

Astrid is a transracial, Colombian adoptee who is in reunion with her mother. She is also the co-founder and executive director of Adoption Mosaic (Full disclosure – I am an employee of Adoption Mosaic). Astrid and three adoptive parents created Adoption Mosaic to fulfill what they saw as a much needed gap in the services available to adoptive families. A gap that adoption agencies were not moving to fill for their families.

If you have ever had the privilege to meet Astrid or participate in one of her workshops, renegade probably is not the first word that comes to mind. Open-minded, gentle, safe, patient and persistent are probably better words to describe this fearless leader. Astrid has the unique ability to help everyone in a room feel validated and supported.

In her unique and gentle way, she has challenged the traditional adoption narrative by giving voice to those often unheard in the adoption experience; fought against the power structures within adoption by offering the quality support and education that those in power continue to deny is necessary or just don’t have a clue about; and truly advanced the adoption community by building bridges and creating allies among adoption agencies, professionals, adoptive and birth parents and adoptees.

Astrid is a renegade because the slow and steady change she is making in the adoption experience will provide long-lasting, sustainable, positive consequences for all those that follow behind her.

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