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Debrief: Operation Babylift

This weekend, LGA subsidiary, Watch Adoptee Films and Against the Grain Productions, offered the opportunity to stream the documentary, Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I, personally, participated in a wonderful discussion of the film this weekend, which is one of the things I appreciate about adoptee films.

Another interesting item came to light regarding a person interviewed in the film; a guest post by vietK over at LGA blog friend, Slant Eye for the Round Eye. The author recounts a conversation with Ross Meador, co-director of Friends of Children of Vietnam at the time of the babylift operation. The author states,

I’m writing this because I think you should know about it. Because you put on your blog a film that highlighted these people from Operation Babylift, Meador included, who are exalted and put on a pedestal, sometimes their voices the only ones you hear.

The din of the aftermath still ringing.

I think vietK makes a good point that the voices that are the loudest, given the highest platform and most valued, are often the voices of decision makers and not the bearers of the consequences. This week, as bloggers in the adoption community talk about “Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys Me“, I hope we can all open our ears to the voices of those who bear the consequences, but also work to change the future.

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