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4 Comments on Secret message for other bloggers about the week of February 26th, aka, “Why the adoption establishment annoys the heck out of us” Blog Week

  1. I will be blogging about what bugs me starting on the 26th! Visit: – great idea Kevin!

  2. Barbara J McArtney, PEAR Board and adoption provider for Graham's Gift Children's Foundation // February 27, 2012 at 9:07 am // Reply

    OK its the 27th. I dont have a blog. The dirty secret is out.

    IA is about competing for children on a financial basis. No oversight, no respect for country, triad or human rights. No real social work or reunification, /extended family placement efforts. Even if the $ doesn’t end up in a directors, facilitator or official’s or birthparent’s pocket, the paradigm is the same. AID and Support = referrals. Regardless of the US legal definition of trafficking – this IS trafficking. It is buying babies and inducing the creation of laundered orphans in too many cases if not most in places like Nepal. The industry dominated the meaningless Hague reforms that just encourage agencies to CYA not improve practices. Every country the Industry enters has been dirtied and only created problems and anger in its wake. If this is such wonderful, helpful work, where’s the accolades from countries, HR groups and ANYONE outside the industry? It faces nothing but criticism from all but its insiders. There has been a lack of any meaningful enforcement or improvement. Just the same rush to country to make as much money as possible before it closes due to their own illegal actions. There is no preservation of identity or family relationships. The closed model of adoption is the norm and has been proven by research to be bad for children yet it continues.

    I do believe that adoption can be a viable solution in some countries but not in the way its practiced currently. Get the money out and then we will know the REAL need( or lack thereof) for international adoption. If the money were taken out, how fast would the profiteering industry vanish? The agencies doing this work may have had good intentions going in but they have only contributed to the problems by succumbing to market demand, baby bidding, corruption and trafficking. Any agency who says they don’t play this game IS LYING unless their fee structure is radically different from the norm and 100% transparent for ANYONE not just COA or state licensing. Until we face up to the ugly truth that this is money driven,not child or family centered nothing will change and the US will continue to be the biggest offender.

    USG needs to stop this on our end with enforcement, reform and strict transparent fee caps.where there is infrastructure to control it. No developing country will be able to stop corruption where there is this much financial inducement to create ” inventory”.

    This industry’s influence is rapidly waning. They have discredited themselves, They been shown to be harmful and an enemy to children and family rights. JCICS is laughable in their efforts to reinvent themselves as champions of children after every dirty trick in the book hasn’t increased adoption revenues. Now they want be THE ANSWER? They are refashioning as selfless purveyors of humanitarian aid and world wide networks for all children.( provided someone will pay them to do so or they can eventually squeeze in adoption!).

    The “industry” stinks like a rotten fish from the head down.

    • Thank you for your very thoughtful response, Barbara. Your last sentence is awesome! We appreciate all of the work PEAR does, and look forward to possible collaborations in the future!

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