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Land of Gazillion Adoptees Talks Smack About Money In Adoption


Video starring: 

Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS)
Holt International

Cameo appearances:

Spence-Chapin Adoption Services
Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Christian Alliance for Orphans
Adoptees Have Answers (AHA)
AK Connection
Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Disaspora (AFAAD)
Yet another horrible Jeremy Lin pun


“Money” by The Drums

13 Comments on Land of Gazillion Adoptees Talks Smack About Money In Adoption

  1. Super interesting. Would have liked a more positive “spin” on the situation, since it’s already happening and the Powers That Be seem to be toting an unstoppable arsenal. For example: less about what is wrong, and more film time spent on the solutions, that are only, barely, listed at the end. And perhaps an interview or two. Maybe next time?

    • Thanks for thoughtful comment, Dina. There’s always next time, and others have offered some great insights in to solutions in previous posts. There will be more “positive spin” in the months to come. As for the powers that be, you’re right. They do have an “unstoppable arsenal,” but they’re paying attention to posts like this here and elsewhere. The trolling is a fact that speaks volumes.

  2. That’s some sweet sweet smack.

  3. Again, you ROCK, Kevin. Thank you for this!

  4. Just my two cents worth. On the point of supporting “families”, what families are you talking, certainly not in South Korea? AKA Rep. of Korea (the free democratic guys not the communist North) is still VERY prejudiced against Unwed Mother (the official term used by NGO’s and the government, and in most cases the man (not a father- only the sperm donor) does not even have to take a paternity test to support his biological child. There is no help for the young woman (approximately 9-10,000 each year who do NOT Abort even though pressured to by their own family, friends, society, etc. The brave women of KUMSN (Korean Unwed Mother’s Support Network/ have no ‘husbands or boyfriends’, they have run away. NO, in these cases the government even fails to give more than one hundred USD worth of support to them. Faced with such circumstances about 75 % of the women who are carrying a child must make critical decision on their own. It is certain that it is a combination of pressures and stark reality of the society’s feelings about ‘bastards/bastardettes’ (over in ROK it is not exactly clique/kosher to be an Orphan). Being Orphaned, even to be Adopted is labelled with SHAME and Derision, one must be flawed to be given away.

    SO HOW is there to be SUPPORT for “Families”? There just aren’t any families, get a grip on reality. Focus should be on supporting Unwed Mothers and CHANGING SOCIETY’S attitudes, and must be done from Inside by Koreans. ASK and TRACK are Korean Adoptee organizations that are involved with doing this. I personally agree with 90% of their logic but not completely with their methods.

    Can a country’s people be ‘forced’ or shamed to do the right thing? No, but even in ROK change is slowly coming and more people are accepting the Unwed Mother (Single Mother is so much nicer but can also refer to a divorced women, which thanks to the wonders of Divorce now allowed in ROK, there are more and more, thus Unwed Mother is used for the woman who had sex and got pregnant.) Not being judgmental, but this is how Koreans (the majority) feel according to KWDI (Korean Women’s Development Institute/ KWDI also reports that almost double the number of domestic adoptions occur secretly IN-Country because of the growing number of couples that are Infertile (Could that be from all the Abortions that women undergo before they get married? Hmmm). These secret adoptions are done through the Civil Court Law thus avoiding all the background checks of pesky Hague Conventions (Which FYI ROK has not signed yet-that would prevent all the CCL adoptions from happening, SO the adoptions would have to be public, recent laws make it easier to have secret adoption, meaning the child is not even told in over 95% of the cases). These are facts, not emotional dribble, don’t believe me, check the KWDI.

    When your video attacks Heritage Tours, what the hell is that about? KADs who want to go back to visit the land of their birth with their Adoptive Families have all the goddamn right to do so. These tours give many of us who are dealing with all the issues of our lives a taste of the Motherland, seeking some physical and emotional touch with our origins. When i visited Scotland, the country of my Adoptive Father, I was welcomed and my name was written in the family records…this will never happen in my Mother’s country. That is my reality that I have accepted. Deal with the reality of each country. YES, let us fight against corruption and greed…but stop making fucking blanket statement that suggest that all adoption is done the same way. THAT IS WACKED. I am for a Multi-leveled solution plan with family preservation (when possible or wanted) at the top, adoption openly within a society if possible, then multi-racial marriage with one spouse being of the ethnic/national of the child, then finally Inter-racial adoption.

    SAY, here is a solution…maybe we should all stop having sex before marriage, use condoms, birth control pills, etc. How is THAT working? There is no easy fix is there? GET REAL, some of your assumptions are western based and totally OFF. We can work to make illegal adoptions less, but the horrible reality is that since the Hague Conventions on the Rights of the Child and International Adoptions were passed years have passed and many sending countries have not signed. Stop saying that ALL adoptions are ‘stealing children’ when they are NOT.

    The Korean War Baby
    Don Gordon Bell

    • Don, your response is EPIC! I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thorough response. First of all, I’m wondering if you’d be comfortable with us posting your response as a stand alone piece. We like being challenged and you do it in a straightforward way.

      Second, if you were to look at the blog a little more, I think you would realize that we’ve been very supportive of single mothers in Korea. We recently worked very closely with KUMFA, Shannon Heit (a volunteer), and Jennifer Kwon Dobbs. He raised over $11K for the KUMFA facility HEATER.

      Third, we’re very supportive of ASK and TRACK. We’ve challenged the two groups on on a couple of issues, but we consider ASK and TRACK friends and have had Jane Trenka on a podcast.

      Fourth, in regards to the heritage camps, I use to work with CHSFS and, believe me, you wouldn’t be too supportive if you knew some of the stuff that went into planning them. Also, I don’t think you’d be terribly supportive if you knew the function they serve for adoption agencies.

      Fifth, since when have we (Kevin or Shelise) ever said that ALL adoptions are stealing children? We’ve never said that. If you must know, we (Shelise, Kevin, and the contributors) are not what folks call “anti-adoption.” If you were to take a look at our previous posts, I think you would recognize that.

      And last, again, if you were to take a look at the rest of our blog, you’d realize that we welcome all voices here. In fact, 95% of what’s on LGA isn’t even us!

      • Well, I stand corrected, and don’t feel shy about saying that…my comments were directed mainly on some parts of the video. I cannot say that your blog is pro or con, in fact I abhor the pro and con, white or black, divisions many seem to take. I WILL take a better look at your blog and DO recognize that a ‘piece’ of video or article can hardly cover the HUGE issues that are involved with This Thing of Ours-Adoption with all the other connected issues. I also do not think that your posting of the video means that you agree with all of it. My comments are directed at the makers of the video, those few who are extremists on BOTH sides make me shake my former US Marine Recon head and wonder WHY. Forgive me if at time I express myself passionately but I DO understand the issues from the ‘battleground’. I will not stand still or silent when some ignorant few go so far as to make outrageous claims, from EITHER SIDE. I have often reminded Pro-adoption folks that it isn’t all wonderful to be adopted, that there is constant pain for some, great questions that many adoptees face but cannot ask from their Adoptive Families.

        Yes, you may use all of my post or anything from MY blog. I certainly appreciate that you “welcome all voices here” and I have tried to in my own blog to mellow out a bit. I am very familiar with all the folks of ASK and TRACK, as I lived in ROK from 1995 to 2011. I was a ‘founding member’ (not the founder Ami Nafgzer) of GOA’L from the coffee shop days in 1997.

        I look forward to exploring more of your blog and welcome the chance as I encourage Adoption Discourse (I got that from Dr. David Smolin at a IKAA conference). We all need to listen to each other with large grains of salt.

        The Korean War Baby

        • Thanks again, Don. So, that you know, we did create the video. It was us “talking smack,” an exaggerated way of starting conversation. However, again, your points are well taken.

          Since you mentioned Ami Nafzger, we’re huge fans here and know her very well.

          Thanks for giving us the clearance to post. We’ll do it next week!

  5. Maybe I’m an addict but I “love the smack”. Continue to share the other side of the adoption equation-the side which is much uglier than the folks who save kids from developing countries and then share the magical moments on teir FB pages. Continue to shine the light on all these ugly parts on corporate greed to child abuse. God knows the other side spews out their well constructed stories on happy families, well adjusted lives, and tours back to the homeland (which also adds to their prfit margins). Thanks for a well constructed video that shows some of these abuses seen within the system.

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