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Storming of JCICS/Storming the Castle


For those of you who don’t know, Joint Council of International Children’s Services (JCICS) is a membership organization, and a pretty influential lobby in the DC Metro area.  Most of its members are adoption agencies and other like minded adoption professionals.  It’s this “demographic” that will be attending the 2012 JCICS Child Welfare Symposium (April 16-18, 2011, New York City).  For some odd reason, i.e., Bert Ballard is very persuasive, I’m presenting at this little shindig.

Recently, I had a conversation with another adoptee about the little talkie-talk I’m doing at JCICS.  She asked if I was attending the rest of the festivities.  Chuckling, I said, “Probably not.”  Eyebrows raised, she responded with: “What?!  Kevin!  This is your chance to see what they say about us.  You can be a fly on the wall and observe the weirdness.”

Observing the weirdness…  Now that’s intriguing.  You know what else is intriguing?  The idea of attending sessions with some cool adoptees, first parents, progressively minded adoptive parents (David Smolin is going to be there!), and our natural allies.  After all, the presenters (a few are awesome by the way – Bert Ballard, Joyce Maguire Pavao to name a couple) will be talking about us (what happened with us in the past, what’s happening with us in the present, what could happen for us in the future).  So, why not have “the subjects” present, attentively listening, and then engaging in the discussion with some serious, hardcore follow-up questions.  Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately (and fortunately for JCICS), the fee to attend the conference is steep.  However, if you can swing the cost, live in NYC, or just need an excuse to party “adoption style,” please consider putting in some face time with the, ah… elites of adoption at the 2012 JCICS Child Welfare Symposium.  I’m sure they’ll be happy to converse with you.  They listen so well 😉


6 Comments on Storming of JCICS/Storming the Castle

  1. Oh, I will be hoping you guys rock their boat 🙂

  2. I agree with your friend 🙂 in that I believe this is one of the most important adoption conferences I have ever attended. As an adoption professional whose goal is to create programs and offer resources to the adoption constellation this conference introduced me to people that I actually work with on a daily bases such as adoption agencies, workers, policy makers and many more. I believe anyone wanting to learning about adoption should attend this conference as it is one aspects of adoption that is vital to understand…the world of placement. I strive to create support that people can learn from and therefor must know and understand the same language because without a common language it seems like we just end up yelling louder hoping that the other person will understand us.

    • Thanks, Astrid. It’s too bad that the conference fee is so steep, but I suspect that’s on purpose… At any rate, I’ll be there, and I fully plan on creating a bit of a ruckus on my way 😉

  3. Tinker Powell // August 3, 2012 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    conferences always cost that much.

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