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Renegades in Adoption

The Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute (CCAI), the “we’re not an adoption lobby group” that really is an adoption lobby group, does this super cheesy Angels in Adoption thing every year.  Angels in Adoption, according to the CCAI, is a program that “provides Members of Congress the opportunity to honor an individual, couple, or organization from their district that have made an extraordinary contribution on behalf of children in need of homes.”  Most of the past recipients, of course, are not adoptees, first parents, progressively minded adoptive parents, or our natural allies.  We’re too kickass for something so fluffy and pedestrian.

With all of this in mind, dear reader, we here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees give you the antithesis of Angels in AdoptionRenegades in Adoption. Renegades in Adoption is a program that provides all the opportunity to honor individuals (or organizations) who have: dared to questioned the traditional adoption narrative; fought against the power structures within adoption; and truly advanced the adoption community.  We invite all to send their submissions to: landofgazillionadoptees @

To kick it off, I nominate Dr. John Raible as the first Renegade.  There’s much that I can say, but I’ll keep my comments brief.  Dr. Raible is a pioneer.  Without folks like him paving the way, people like me can’t do what we do.  And besides, he’s one good looking dude.

Thanks for everything, John.  We dedicate this song to you.

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