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Korean Adult Adoptees of Central Pennsylvania (KAACP)

The East Coast love continues with an interview with Staci Evans Lang of Korean Adult Adoptees of Central Pennsylvania or KAACP. As Joy Liberthal pointed out in her podcast with Kevin, the internet has helped adoptees facilitate a large and supportive community. Read how KAACP took to the interwebs to build community and support.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees:  So, what’s your story? Did you grow up in the Central Pennsylvania area?

Staci Lang: My name is Staci (Evans) Lang. I was adopted when i was 9 months old to my family in Central PA . . . Steelton to be exact, which is right outside of Harrisburg. Four months after my arrival, my mom found out she was pregnant and then I became a big sister 9 months later. 41 years later I am married (20 years) and have 3 beautiful children, our youngest who is also adopted from Korea. Although I grew up in Central PA, I live in Maryland (outside of DC). I was travelling up there for work on a regular basis, so I felt more connected to that area at the time, and it is my home.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees:  The Korean Adult Adoptees of Central Pennsylvania (KAACP) just celebrated it’s first year. Congrats! How did KAACP get its start? Who’s involved? What did you do in 2011?

Staci Lang: Thank you for the congratulations! I’m so excited about it! I have to thank KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network) and Facebook for KAACP’s start. I attended KAAN for the first time in 2010. I LOVED the connections that I made with other Korean Adoptees both local and from across the country. I wanted to have that all year around, not just once a year. So, I created a Facebook page and added 3 adoptees that I already knew. From there it just grew. We have members from Central PA, from Maryland, and from as far away as Pittsburgh.

I am so pleased to share that we met every month (except for October) for the entire year since our first meeting January 2011. We meet every first friday for dinner. Mostly we just eat and socialize until the restaurant closes. There are friendships/relationships that have grown out of the group, and people get together a lot outside of our monthly get-togethers.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees:  What does the KAACP have planned for 2012?

Staci Lang:  For 2012, I’m not sure what this new year will bring. We are having our first movie night next month. Last year, we had 4 family & friends nights, so maybe this year we’ll have more activities outside of dinners to include our families and other friends. I could go on and on, but i’ll stop for now.

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