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The Summer of 2002

It was July of 2002.  I traveled to South Korea for the first time since being adopted as a 7 year old.  Admittedly, I made a ton of mistakes, including partaking in a short, intimate relationship with a Korean woman whom I eventually hurt.  Naive to the ways of South Korean society, I unknowingly allowed members of the media to manipulate me and my story.  Overwhelmed by grief, I left half of my heart at my mother’s grave.  I toted around my trusty Sony cd player in a bulky case throughout it all, giving myself a soundtrack to remember.  The ditties below are the most memorable.

Dear reader, what song brings you back to your “homeland”?  What song makes you yearn for it?  What song makes your heart ache for something you may never find?  What song makes your inner being miss that piece that you’ll never get back..? — KOV


“There Goes The Fear” – Doves


“Pounding” – Doves


“Monday Morning 5:19” – Rialto


“The Big Country” – Talking Heads


“Where The Streets Have No Name” – U2


“Temporarily Blind” – Built To Spill


“Electronic Renaissance” – Belle and Sebastian


“Shady Lane” – Pavement

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