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Mythical Beings, aka, Parents Who Are Adoptees: Land of Gazillion Adoptees Chats With Korean Adoptee Melinda Winn

Rumor has it that Land of Gazillion Adoptees is partnering with CQT Media And Publishing on an anthology that will focus on mythological beings – parents who are adoptees. Obviously the book will be a work of fiction. We all know adoptees are eternal infants, per many adoption agencies and certain adoptive parents who always refer to adoptees as “kids,” “children,” “babies,” etc. At any rate, while we wait for that (epic science-fiction) anthology, Land of Gazillion Adoptees plans on talking with folks like Melinda Winn.


Land of Gazillion Adoptees: You’re married with two really adorable kids. What are the kids like?

Melinda: My kids rock. Seriously. They both are very curious about the world around them. Jackson is extremely inquisitive for a 2 year old and smart, funny, and kind-hearted. He certainly keeps me on my toes with all of his “mommy, what is that?” questions throughout the day. He understands things quickly, it’s sort of scary. Mia is our sweet, happy baby girl. She also figures things out pretty quickly and wants to do everything her big brother does. We can tell already that she’s going to be a tenacious little girl – there is no stopping her when she wants something.

LGA: What’s the best part of parenting?

Melinda: The best part of parenting? Being a kid all over again! I spend most of my days building forts, playing with blocks, trains, dinosaurs, coloring, picking up sticks and rocks, singing, running, jumping and going to the playground. Being a parent gives me an excuse to be silly and immature all day long.

LGA: Word…  You’ve mentioned in the past your desire to travel to South Korea. What factors are stopping you?

Melinda: I’ve actually gone back to Korea several times. The last time I went was in 2004. I dream about taking my kids there one day so they can see part of their heritage. Honestly, I have avoided all things Korean for several years because it was easier for me to avoid that part of me. I’ve learned to suppress my desire to know more about my biological family and history for the sake of not going down an emotional road. Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed by it all. But since I’ve become a parent – I know that I can’t continue to avoid this part of my history, which is now a part of my kids’ history. I could probably use a little guidance in this area.

LGA: Thanks for taking the time, Melinda! And I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would be happy to talk with you about traveling to our homeland with kids.

4 Comments on Mythical Beings, aka, Parents Who Are Adoptees: Land of Gazillion Adoptees Chats With Korean Adoptee Melinda Winn

  1. In the time that I met Melinda she was a true friend to me. I can only imagine that she is a wonderful wife and mother. My feelings are much like hers on how I suppress my feelings on wanting to know my biological family and to know Korean history. Although I do desire to one day take my family to Korea as well I would not know where to begin. In any case Melinda, this is amazing that you are sharing your story and an encouragement to me!

  2. Renee Seiple // January 27, 2012 at 1:26 am // Reply


    Just wanted to offer any help if needed. I am a Korean adoptee, married with two kids, living in South Korea…it will be going on three years now that we’ve lived here. My husband works as a Chemistry and Biology teacher at a school that prepares Korean students who want to go to American universities…which means he teaches in English, but isn’t an English teacher here. 🙂

    Anyway, we moved here when my son was almost three years old (ironically, the same age that I was when I went to America to be adopted). My daughter was born here last February.

    If Melinda, or anyone else, has questions or wants to know more about our experiences, please feel free to contact me. I actually just found my first father about a month ago, after searching on and off since college.

    Thanks for your blog, the news that you cover, and the stories that you share.


    • Thanks for your comment, Renee. It sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. Does your husband like teaching there?

      Our daughter was born last February as well! (This is Kevin BTW)

      I’ll direct Melinda to your comment. I’m sure she’ll contact you if she has any questions. Thanks for your generous offer. Also, thank you for your kind words about LGA. Shelise, our contributors, and I are happy to do what we do.

      Thanks! — KOV

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