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An adoptee operated mental health practice/clinic/facility in Minnesota..?

Minnesota, the land of gazillion adoptees, is missing something pivotal.  We need an adoptee run mental health practice(s) that focuses on the great need within the adoption community.  I repeat.  There is a GREAT need.  Many of us frequently meet/hear about adoptees in particular who “fall through the cracks.”  What the Minnesota adoption agencies offer are lacking at best.  I’m also certain People Inc.‘s recent acquisition of Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS) mental health programs won’t change much of anything.

As many know, Land of Gazillion Adoptees starts charging for fundraising services once the dollar amount to be raised goes beyond $10,000.  For the public record, we want to state the following:

If there are Minnesota adoptees who are willing to take the plunge and start up their own practice/clinic/facility that focuses on the needs of the adoption community, you will receive LGA’s services for free to help you secure capital.  Additionally, LGA will reach out to other fundraising experts to offer their know how for free as well.  You have our word.

As some of you ponder running your own practices, I encourage you to go read the piece entitled “Taking the Plunge” by what a shrink thinks: a psychotherapist’s journal.

An excerpt:

What made me think that I could start my own business? How audacious of me to presume that I had something to offer that would be worth anything in comparison to the resources of a large mental health agency? The biggest blocks in my path were unwittingly constructed by my colleagues who were happy in institutional practice:

“How will you ever pay for your own insurance?”
(I do)

“You won’t have any paid vacation or sick days! You’ll be on call 24 hours a day!”
(No one has ever contacted me after ten o’clock at night – even when I’ve offered)

“You’ll have to get on a managed care panel, and they pay so little, it won’t be worth it”
(I’ve never accepted insurance)  (source)

Read more here, and Martha Crawford/what a shrink thinks informed us that she’d be happy to talk with adoptees who may have questions.  Her email is: marthacrawford(at)

2 Comments on An adoptee operated mental health practice/clinic/facility in Minnesota..?

  1. I totally agree with this. As an adoptee who slipped through the cracks after my first international adoption failed, I went through the domestic US adoption system, which left me further traumatized and issue-laden than I would have already been just as an international adoptee. Although I went to counseling and still do periodically, it is difficult to find someone who I respect and feels can relate to my needs and situation. If I hadn’t been so entrenched in my own discoveries of myself when I was choosing a profession, I might have taken the route to psychology, but it was enough just to deal with me. However, I totally support initiatives that promote adoptees in the mental health profession!!! 😀

    • Thanks for your response, omsunhui. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, and I hope that you’re in a good space. Thanks for supporting our call out to adoptee mental health professionals. We need them more than ever.

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