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More than a documentary . . . Why you should support YOU FOLLOW: A Search for One’s Past

A Kickstarter campaign has recently launched for the documentary film project, YOU FOLLOW: A Search for One’s Past, featuring LGA contributor Nisha Grayson.

We encourage you to support this project, because when you support a project like YOU FOLLOW, you aren’t just supporting a very personal and brave project, but you are helping to create a historical record to be included in our collective history. You are helping to create and preserve our voice as adoptees.

A voice that says our beginnings matter and impact us throughout our entire lives. A voice that says to people in positions of power in adoption that we NEED to know the truths of our lives, whatever they may be. That who we are is inherently linked to where we began and cannot be replaced by where we ended up. Support YOU FOLLOW for Nisha, for yourself and for those who will follow behind us.

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