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Disgusted, dirty, and angry: You can help stop the deportation of Russell Green.

From the AdopSource website:

He arrived in Massachusetts from Korea as a 12-year-old boy, but after only a few months, his “forever parents” returned him to the adoption agency before his adoption was finalized. Russell was then placed with a single foster parent living in Brooklyn, New York who cared for older boys and who promised to adopt him. Although this foster parent renamed Sang Keum “Russell David Green,” he did not legally change Russell’s name, adopt him, and facilitate his naturalization. 

Instead, he exposed Russell to alcohol, marijuana, and abuse and set him up for a lifetime of addiction, danger, and pain. The agency failed to facilitate a permanent family and home for Russell as a U.S. citizen.

Dear reader, I’m not going to tell you what to think.  However, you may want to consider reexamining your moral compass if Russell’s story doesn’t disgust you.  You may want to rewrite your personal constitution if you don’t feel slightly dirty that Russell’s story can happen in our U.S. judicial system.  You may want to check your pulse if even a small part of you isn’t angry at: Russell’s “forever parents” who ditched him; the inept adoption agency that brought Russell to the U.S., but couldn’t be bothered to finalize his paperwork; and his foster parent who led a vulnerable child down a less than ideal road.

Seriously.  Why are we having conversations about individuals like Russell Green in 2012, and where are the adoption agencies that talk-talk-talk about their “adoption expertise” when the Russells of the world truly need them?  Is it possible that adoption agencies have stayed mum about this deportation issue because, in order to engage in the dialogue, they would have to admit they’re partly at fault for creating a situation in which stories like Russell’s can happen?

Dear reader, I’ll stop jabbering.  Do what you want, but I encourage you to watch the following PSA, go sign the petition, help spread the word, and do your small part in making an impact in Russell’s life.  It’s the least all of us in the adoption community can do for him.

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