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A Short, but Sweet Week

Although it’s been a short week, I can tell that being an editor of the LGA blog is going to be an exciting and rewarding adventure. In just a few days, I’ve been witness to amazing human beings like Marie and Nisha who are doing incredible, inspiring work and helped a group of young people in their effort to go to Korea. I am so excited to see where this path will lead and what kind of conversations will happen along the way.

Adoptees and the work they are doing in our community really motivated me to become more active in Land of Gazillion Adoptees. In my work at Adoption Mosaic and during my recent trip to Korea, I see how much we adoptees need a strong, informed, critically-thinking community. Too often we are raised in isolation and feel so alone in such a profound and challenging experience. I personally feel that this situation happens too often and to too many adoptees. It is frustrating because it is unnecessary, preventable, and borders on cruel.

There is a lot to work to do, my friends, and I hope the community we engage via the LGA blog will help identify common challenges, brainstorm solutions, and demand the appropriate parties step-up and take action to change this experience for the better. I’ve said it before and I will say it again and often, “Adoptees do it best.” How adoptees think, talk and act in relation to adoption is truly adoptee-centric and I believe it will be adoptees who will make significant changes to the institution and industry of adoption.

Like Nisha, I am happy to know I am one of a gazillion and happy for this opportunity to bring opinions, insights, epiphanies, rants and raves to you all.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a new year of kicking ass adoptee-style.

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