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You may want to become a friend of YOU FOLLOW. Just saying.

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees are HUGE fans of the still in production film YOU FOLLOW: A Search for One’s Past.  (see our front page)  The folks behind the film (Nisha Grayson, Sharmila Ray, and Brad Lavery) are embarking on a project that they AND others know have great potential.  Below is a list of organizations/individuals advancing the film’s cause.

AdopSource – Minnesota’s very own AdopSource is a film sponsor.

Mixed Roots Foundation – The California based organization is a film sponsor.  It also held an event with KoreAM this past weekend.  Apparently a certain someone named Lisa Ling was in attendance.

From left to right: Brad Lavery, Nisha Grayson, Sharmila Ray, Lisa Ling

And Mixed Roots also unveiled this lovely video at the event.

Ethica – The kick-a, Washington, DC based organization showed some love by writing “Please Support YOU FOLLOW: A Search for One’s Past” on its website.

Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS) – CHSFS, which we’ve mentioned a few times (insert clearing of throat), is helping to get the word out.

Slant Eye For The Round Eye – The notorious s.l.a.n.t.y.a.p.o.l.i.s even got in on the action.

“Got this sent in and wanted to make sure and post it on up as it sounds like a cool project. Check out the video above, the information below, and then help them fund their project down at IndieGoGo.” (source)

Lisa Marie Rollins – The ever amazing Lisa Marie Rollins, a film supporter, wrote this on YOU FOLLOW’s IndieGoGo page.

“Supporting adoptees who are doing art/telling their stories is my passion.  Much much love to complete this project!” (source)

Seriously, dear reader, what are you waiting for?  Give some love to YOU FOLLOW before the train leaves you at the station.  It’s easy.  You can do that right here.

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