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I think adoptees are just humoring me, Part 2: Lisa Marie Rollins in the Seattlest

Seriously. Adoptees are totally humoring me, adoptees like Lisa Marie Rollins. If you recall, dear reader, Ms. Rollins did a podcast with LGA a few weeks ago. Similar to Dr. Hei Kyong Kim, she is currently featured on a reputable source of information – Seattlest.

An excerpt from “The Politics of Adoption and Race: Seattlest Interviews Lisa Marie Rollins

An additional significant layer is that my birthfather and birthmother’s families are from Seattle’s Central district. It’s actually kind of strange to be holding the Gathering here, for me personally, being immersed in an entire weekend about adoption, knowing that I may have family walking around in the streets right this minute. It was kind of a tough decision for me to have it here, and honestly, it wasn’t my first choice. Being in a national leadership role and planning a conference from top to bottom with my other Board members is crazy enough, but add the general psychic energy of adoptive and birth families in close proximity, I think it scared me a little.

It scared me because as most adoptees know, we spend a lot of our lives taking care of other people’s emotions around what is essentially something that happened to us…

Nice, right? You can go read the rest of the piece here.


P.S. Thanks for humoring me, Ms. Rollins. Your podcast rocked.

2 Comments on I think adoptees are just humoring me, Part 2: Lisa Marie Rollins in the Seattlest

  1. hey Kevin! You are so awesome. Thank you for highlighting the work AFAAD is doing and did this past weekend in Seattle! but — Correction: I’m not a Dr. yet!! still need to finish my writing on my diss! 🙂 Can you correct that for me please? thanks so much! I look forward to more adoptee humor! 🙂

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