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I think adoptees are just humoring me, Part 1: Dr. Hei Kyong Kim is on the cover of the Asian American Press

You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that adoptees are just humoring me when agreeing to be interviewed for Land of Gazillion Adoptees.  Why?  Well, folks like Dr. Hei Kyong Kim, whom we featured awhile back, is currently on the cover of a reputable source of information – Asian American Press.

Excerpts fromDr. Kim Looks At Urban Healthcare Through Multicultural Lens” 

Dr. Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in 1975. She has lived in the United States for 36 years and identifies as both Korean American and Asian American. Dr. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. In addition to these accomplishments, she has six children who she is actively involved with, from 5 to 17 years old. Her busy and successful life, allow her to offer up quality services as a therapist who understands issues related to racial diversity…

Immediately upon starting at the Indian Health Board as a post-doctoral therapist, Dr. Kim realized that it was a perfect match for the kind of clinical and holistic work she aspired to do with clients. Dr. Kim holds a strong belief that urban clinicians have wonderful opportunities to approach mental healthcare through a multicultural and culturally proficient lens…

“I understand what it may be like to be invisible, stereotyped and misunderstood as an Asian woman, mother and professional,” Dr. Kim said. “I strongly believe that clients need the opportunity to share their narrative accounts, towards healing. It is my goal to offer a safe place where clients, from diverse backgrounds are able heal and move toward a more promising future.”

Nice, right?  You can go read the rest of the piece here.


P.S. Dr. Kim, thanks for humoring me ; )

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