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The 13.1 Miles Challenge for the Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association’s (KUMFA) HEATER Facility

Jim Lee is TOTALLY our hero for the week.  His wife Julie Cho and he have already contributed to the fundraiser for Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association (KUMFA)/HEATER.  Now Jim, an avid runner, is going the distance.  He wrote the following on his Facebook wall this past Sunday.

“I’m asking for your commitments: I’m running the Pomona Half-Marathon on Dec. 11th on behalf of the KUMFA/HEATER fundraiser, which is trying to raise $7000 by Feb. 2012. HEATER is a facility run by KUMFA to enable Korean moms to care for and (most importantly) keep their children. Learn more here:

Will you pledge to contribute to my race? I’m looking for contributions that match the 13.1 miles I’ll be running: $13 ($1 per mile), $26 ($2/mile), $39 ($3/mile), $52 ($4/mile). I’ll even run the .1 mile for free.

I’m hoping to raise $500 or more and would like commitments by the end of November. Who’s in? Folks who have questions: email me at jkjlee(at)”

That’s right, dear reader.  Jim is running 13.1 miles for KUMFA/HEATER, and folks have responded.  Rumor has it that Jim, with the help of family, friends, and colleagues, has BLOWN by the goal of $500 by, well, miles.

Thank you so much, Jim!  And thank you, dear reader, who will now be inspired by Jim to do something similar on behalf of the mothers and children who rely on KUMFA/HEATER, which will close down if the $7,000 isn’t raised within the next 1.5 months.

It’s the giving season of the year, and giving to KUMFA/HEATER is easy.  Just PayPal it to: kumfa.volunteer(at)

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