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I yield my time to the gentleman from India: “Cricket Unites and Caste Cleaves”

Our good friend A.J. Bryant, an Indian adoptee, recently posted his observations about the caste system.  “Cricket Unites and Caste Cleaves” is an interesting post and worth the read.  Below are excerpts from the piece, and you, dear reader, can check it out in its entirety here.

A podcast featuring A.J., who has an incredible love story, is coming soon and very soon.


P.S. Since Monday, October 31st, more than 15 folks have come forward to support the KUMFA/HEATER fundraising effort.  So, the Kimchi Challenge is on! Boom!

One and all were celebrating. Religious, cultural, social, and economic differences were all set aside as India coroneted their cricketing kings. They joined in massive street parties, where seemingly everyone waved the tri-color, honked their car horns in jubilation and united around their love for team India. Young, old, rich and poor, men and women, the have and the have-not’s meeting together to share their love and pride in their team, the World Champions.

It was a marvelous event to witness.

But if cricket unifies this country in extraordinary ways, the Hindu caste system, even in 2011, is its opposite – splitting it apart like nothing else…

I know that many Indians get very defensive when caste is mentioned by a foreigner, believing “we” have no business being involved in judging their way of life. That’s a valid point and I have considered it, but being an Indian myself, though not raised here, I will take the liberty to voice my feelings about it anyway…

I understand the idea of community and know that it’s the social currency there. Everything is based on community, but when one community feels they are inherently better than another, you have problems.

That type of mentality, and notions of Brahmin superiority does not assist society, it helps the elite.

Think about all the time, energy and money being spent on keeping castes separate and maintaining the current social system in India. For what? All the wasted force by the Brahmins and other high castes, to continue exerting their dominance over people whom they believe are inherently inferior..

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