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FB Friends, Part 2: Miriam Gaenicke, the Schnitzel eating Indian adoptee

Picking up where we left off with Christina Seong, I give you my conversation with Indian adoptee Miriam Gaenicke.  Again, like Christina, I’ve never met Miriam.  However, she knows Schnitzel and that’s the schiznit.


Land of Gazillion Adoptees: So, you run a blog called DesiFrau’s World.  Would you mind talking about it?  What the heck is Desifrau?

Miriam: Desifrau is a combination of words, which represent my multi-faceted heritage.  Historically, the British gave the Indians ‘Desi’ and ‘Frau’ is German for woman.  Hence the term, ‘DesiFrau.’  You ask, ‘Why German?’ Simply stated, my parents possess German heritage, lived in Germany and my foster family were Germans.  Ironically, German is my first language, followed by English, a little Spanish and Dutch.  DesiFrau’s World is the title of my blog.  Truthfully speaking, I haven’t contributed much lately to this blog, but it serves as a unique outlet to do some serious self-expression while being therapeutic.  It was very challenging to begin, but once I started it became gradually easier.  Thank you Pushpa for your endless support!

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Wow, I would have never guessed the Desi/Frau thing.  Very cool.  So, according to your FB profile, you appear to be a foodie?

Miriam: My first love is food.  Thanks, Kevin, for calling me a ‘Foodie.’  I have recently taken it to heart and it really defines me.  Bottom line, I love eating and learned very quickly (9 years old) that I could eat my results.  After my recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, it definitely proves to be true.

My culinary talents began when I was able to read the cake mix box and created my own chocolate birthday cake – not bad for a third grader!  Reading and following instructions, creating the batter and having a supportive mom who put it in the oven for me were the components for my success.  Needless to say, there was more cake batter on me than in the cake!  It was fun and it turned out tasty.

As a small child, assisting my mom, cooking without a recipe, and creating gourmet meals from scratch inspired my love of great food.  Most of the time we were successful.  ‘Burnt offerings’ sometimes made for an interesting mealtime, but overall things were great and BAD recipes do exist.

There’s also nothing better than visiting a restaurant and improving their specialties with your knowledge.  By the age of 14, I knew how to make homemade pasta sauce and THE importance of spices (oregano, rosemary and basil) and tons of garlic.  I knew first-hand the power of estimation and sampling.  My palette has always been sophisticated and my mom says, “I came that way.”  How else would one explain ordering steak and lobster on one’s tenth birthday?

Let’s not forget my five years in the San Francisco Bay Area, my fabulous Aunt Eleanor and two years in Holland.  International living really proves to expand my palette.  Endless Spaetzle (German noodles), a love of European chocolate, and a fabulous Schnitzel all make for a delicious meal.  Let’s not forget online recipes which make cooking fun and easy.

Easily stated, delicious food makes for a delicious life.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Word to the Schnitzel.  You shared with me awhile back what you would tell the 7 year version of yourself.  Would you mind elaborating?

Miriam: I said, “Working Hard, Playing Hard” and “Life is tough and I WILL be successful.” Within my life’s context, both of these anecdotes are intertwined.  My solid foundation stems from my educated, Lutheran and culturally aware parents. Therefore, I acquired my love of learning/reading and our increased emphasis on higher education.  My parents DID NOT allow me to be or play dumb, which meant positively effectively USING my brain.  Thus, I became an  ‘Achiever’ and a ‘Critical Thinker’ with an industrious entrepreneurial spin.  As a result, I am a business owner who ‘works’ so she can ‘play.’  Let’s not forget my spunky personality, persistence and witty sense of humor! 🙂  All things considered, it makes for a unique combination of experiences and a FUN life! 🙂

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Awesome.  Thanks, Miriam.  Chat with you on FB…

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