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We’re not worthy!

I know, I know.  I said Thursday’s post was the last of the week.  However, I didn’t want to end the week without thanking some bloggers who are helping to get the word out about the KUMFA/HEATER fundraiser.

Thank you Angry Adoptive Mom!

“Important PSA: the Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association (KUMFA), which you may also know by its online forum name Miss Mamma Mia, supports mothers and children in Korea by providing a place for them to live in their facility HEATER, which houses and feeds 24 mothers and their children for two months at a time. It would be a good news story, except for this:

The mothers, volunteers, and friends of KUMFA need your support to keep HEATER open in 2012. The operating costs for HEATER is $7,000, which covers rent, utilities, food and supplies. KUMFA currently doesn’t have $7,000 in its 2012 budget and so HEATER may have to close its doors if the mothers, volunteers, and friends of the organization are not able to raise the money.

We have to help raise these funds.  Visit KUMFA’s fundraising page for details on how you can give.” (source)

Thank you Dawn Davenport!

“A few weeks ago I posted a blog on what is happening to international adoption in South Korea, to the children who are not being adopted, and what it means to international adoptions in general.  We had a lively and informative discussion in the comment section, which included some comments from adult Korean adoptees.  (Aside: you really really should check out this blog and comments.)   In the course of the discussion we all seemed to agree that unwed mothers in Korea needed our support.  Single parenthood is a hard walk anywhere and even harder in Korea due to lack of societal and family support.” (source)

Thank you Dr. John Raible!

“Fascinating developments among unwed mothers in Korea who are trying to keep and parent their children, rather than placing them for adoption. Please follow the link to Kevin’s blog and read his post about this fund raising effort spearheaded by Korean adoptees.” (source)

Thank you Slant Eye For the Round Eye!

“Good cause.” (source)

Please let me know if there is anything LGA can do for you.

Thanks again — KOV

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