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Vote to Give Away $2,000!

Let’s do this, dear reader!  It’s time for you to vote to help give away $2,000.  (If you’re new to this discussion, you can get the background here and here.)

Voting is a very simple process:

  • Click on the hyperlinks to get to each nominee’s page;
  • Go to the comments section of the page;
  • Comment “Yes!”

You CAN vote 4 times, but you CAN’T vote for one nominee more than 1 time.  Voting will end on Sunday, October 2.

OK!  With that, the nominees are (in alphabetical order)…

[Note: Anyone affiliated with Land of Gazillion Adoptees, i.e., Aaron Cunningham, Farnad Darnell, Shelise Gieseke, Kevin Ost-Vollmers, and Jared Rehberg, is NOT eligible to vote.]


Adoptees Have Answers (AHA) – Online Support Group Technology

“AHA is applying for the Land of Gazillion $2,000 Giveaway to continue to develop its online support group technology, with appropriate security features, through its website and to help subsidize and the human resources necessary to facilitate the group. With an all-adoptee staff and an all-adoptee Advisory Group comprised of child welfare professionals and culturally competent leaders, all with the life experience of adoption or foster care, AHA can provide the human resources needed to support an online group and committed to creating more opportunities for peer-to-peer exchanges throughout Minnesota. (more)

AdopSource – Needs Assessment 

Since Minnesota has one of the largest internationally adopted communities in the country, AdopSource believes that conducting this Needs Assessment is necessary to engage and research adoptee individuals and their families and collect quantitative and qualitative analysis on international adoptees’ experiences and unmet needs. From this data, we can determine appropriate community-based services dependent upon funding. (more)

Brooke Newmaster – Asian Adoptee Youth Club

I am starting a new program at the Korean Heritage House called: Asian Adoptee Youth Club (AAYC). One Saturday each month, teen  Adoptees and their friends are invited to the KHH to meet with adult Asian Adoptees and Korean & Chinese American role models… $2000 would boost this program to a much higher level then its current state. The money would help pay for advertisement, facility costs, art material, etc. I would be able to hire guest speakers and artists from the Asian Adoptee community or the larger Asian community to work with the AAYC. (more)

Sandy White Hawk – “Generation After Generation We Are Coming Home”

“An elder told me, ‘You adoptees are the last remnant of the Indian wars.’ The 1800’s marked the beginning of the Boarding School Era. Those who survived that era gave birth to us, The Adoption Era. Children being systematically removed is another kind of war; a war of policy. Now we are coming home; repatriating, returning to our homelands, reclaiming our citizenship.” (more)

14 Comments on Vote to Give Away $2,000!

  1. Michele Benson // September 21, 2011 at 7:39 am // Reply


  2. Yes – Brooke Newmaster – Asian Adoptee Youth Club

  3. Yes!

  4. Xandra Hompe: Yes

  5. Helen Gallagher // September 25, 2011 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Helen Gallagher Yes- AdopSource

  6. Barbara Greenhalgh // September 25, 2011 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    Yes Brooke Newmaster

  7. I vote wholeheartidly YES! Please support Sandy and the good work she is doing for our community. Thank you Sandy!

  8. Sandy White Hawk is a leader for Native people of all Generations; bringing the Circle together for many families all over the country. She is a blessed woman.

    I vote YES for Sandy White Hawk.

  9. Yes – Sandy White Hawk is working hard for a good cause!

  10. Rodger Riley // October 1, 2011 at 8:45 am // Reply


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