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Is AdopSource really going to win the $2,000 this easily?

To end the week, I’d like to offer a reminder to all who have expressed interest in receiving the FREE $2,000 that the deadline for proposals is this weekend (September 18th).  Thus far, I’ve only received a proposal from AdopSource.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’d welcome the opportunity to have donors fulfill their pledges by sending the money directly to Ami Nafzger, Beth Daly, and the other members of the AdopSource crew.  However, at the same time, I also like healthy competition…

So, dear reader, do you want the $2,000 for one of your adoption related projects?  If so, you know what to do.  In the meantime, below I offer the AdopSource proposal.

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend.

P.S. In regards to my response to Dawn Davenport’s “South Korean Adoptions: Canary in the International Adoption Mine?”, folks interested in good debate may want to check out the comment section of the original article.  Here’s the link:


AdopSource is a Minnesota-based grassroots nonprofit organization committed to supporting the integration of culture, identity, and life experience for adopted individuals, their families, and the greater community.

AdopSource is applying for the Land of Gazillion Adoptees $2,000 Giveaway which will go towards conducting the first and only statewide needs assessment that aims to address issues relating to racial identity and adoptee awareness. The Minnesota International Adoptee Needs Assessment is unique because it is conceived of and carried out by adult adoptees with input from adoptive parents.  This is a non-agency effort.

Since Minnesota has one of the largest internationally adopted communities in the country, AdopSource believes that conducting this Needs Assessment is necessary to engage and research adoptee individuals and their families and collect quantitative and qualitative analysis on international adoptees’ experiences and unmet needs. From this data, we can determine appropriate community-based services dependent upon funding.

This is a 2-year study which aims to reach at least 3% of each population through interviews, focus groups, and online surveys. We will be focusing on Adult Adoptees, Youth Adoptees, and Adoptive Parents.

We will be utilizing the $2,000 to contract with Wilder Research for technical assistance with needs assessment survey creation, data collection, and preparation for focus groups.


  • September 2011: Online surveys will be distributed to Adult Adoptees, Youth Adoptees (ages 13-18), and Adoptive Parents
  • December 2011: 1st round of online surveys will be evaluated
  • January 2012: Focus groups and one-on-one interviews will begin statewide

2 Comments on Is AdopSource really going to win the $2,000 this easily?

  1. Charlie Ritts Teixeira // September 16, 2011 at 10:05 am // Reply

    Hi Kevin,
    I would be very interested in applying, although I do believe that Adopsource would be the ideal candidate especially for your state!
    Best to you and others, Charlie

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