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Wednesday’s Role Models, Part 1: Mylee Bishop, Product Manager

Have you ever seen “Wednesday’s Child,” which airs in Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC Metro, New York, and Philly?  I’m not quite sure why, but when I lived in DC I was always a bit weirded out by the weekly “showcase” of children in the foster care system waiting for adoption.  Perhaps I was bothered because the format resembles something done by the Humane Society?

Moving on.  To end Labor Day week here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees, I give you a three-part, very original concept – Wednesday’s Role Models.  For Part 1, we feature my old friend Mylee Bishop.  She totally rocks.

Enjoy, and we here at LGA wish you a fantastic Labor Day Weekend.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Didn’t we meet for the first time through the M&M Program?  What’s your favorite mentor memory?

Mylee: Yes, we met through the mentor program. One of my favorite memories was getting wildly hooked on the Harry Potter movies because of my mentee. She was really into the movies and read all of the books. I went with her the first time just because she wanted to see it. After that, I made a point to see them all.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: That’s really nerdy, Mylee…  What do you do for work?  What choices did you make to get to where you are?

Mylee: I am a Product Manager at Target. I design financial products for Target, mostly credit cards and GiftCards. I am pretty happy with where I am today in my career, but know that the best is yet to come.

The things I have done along the way to help my career:

  • created a strong network of people;
  • haven’t been afraid to take chances;
  • have had confidence in the job that I can do;
  • haven’t been overconfident;
  • asked for help and advice.

I graduated with a degree in Economics. I thought I would end up with a career in Finance or Accounting. I did find a job at Wells Fargo, but it was as a Loan Servicing Rep. It was very far from what I wanted to do. However, I made the most of it and found ways that I could do analysis on current processes and reporting and put that Econ degree to work. I did eventually forge my way into a Financial Analyst job at Wells Fargo, where I stayed for three years.

The next move I made in my career was pivotal. I took a big chance and took a job in sales — full commission. That job was the stepping stone to give me the confidence and business savvy that has led me to where I am today. From there I stepped into a Project Management role, which I have been in at two companies for the past seven years.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Nice! What advice do you have for folks who are just starting their careers?

Mylee: Don’t be too worried if you don’t start out exactly where you expected. Do the best job with whatever comes your way. You never know what connections you will make; those connections may take you to great places. Focus on finding a career in which you can combine what you love to do, what you do well, and can give you satisfaction.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Word…

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