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Retro Week: Farnad Darnell’s favorite “adoption” movie

Is anyone else feeling weird about Will and Jada?  Is anyone else excited about Guillermo del Toro’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”?

You know that del Toro produced the scariest “adoption” movie, right? (Well, in my opinion…)

Speaking of movies, one of our monthly contributor’s twisted my arm into letting him talk about his favorite “adoption” film.  Enjoy.

(P.S. 27 pledges and $1,300 raised.  Please keep them coming!  And we still have those home season opener tickets/VIP field passes up for grabs.)

(P.P.S.S. Retro Week will end on Thursday.  Land of Gazillion Adoptees will return to its “normal” format next week.)


Farnad: I will say that I was surprised to get this request, since it is rare I get asked about my favorite “adoption” movie. I have to say one comes to mind: “Martian Child.”  For me, liking John Cusack and his work doesn’t hurt, but aside from that bias, this movie tugged at me, especially the ending – the issue of attachment was loud and clear (at least for me).  And although Hollywood has its happy-ending formula, I was still impressed to see that the issue of a single father adopting was addressed.  More movies should address such issues as they’re not easy topics.

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