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We’re giving away 2 tickets/VIP field passes for the MN Vikings home season opener!

Update, 8/23/11: The people have spoken. Rather than getting 25 pledges, whoever has the largest number of pledges by Monday, September 12th will win the tickets.

Thank you Kimi Tonneson and the Minnesota Vikings!  Kimi has given LGA two tickets/VIP field passes for the Vikings’ home season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday, 9/18/11).  The two tickets (for Section 203, Row 12) will allow the holders to go to the Dome (Mall of American Field) when the doors open and watch the team warm up prior to the game.  Seriously.  How awesome is that?!

LGA will give the two tickets away to the first individual who can get 25 legitimate, $50 pledges for the “Let’s Give Away $10,000” effort.  So, dear reader, will the tickets go to you?

To participate in this contest, you must follow a few guidelines:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • You must be able to attend the September 18th game;
  • If you’re the winner of the tickets, you must be able to have all individuals making pledges on your behalf send me their names and e-mail addresses, which LGA will only use for confirmation purposes;
  • In cases where individuals who make pledges on your behalf opt not to fulfill their promises, you need to be able to cover the “delinquent pledges.”

Questions?  Please feel free to contact me via email, kostvollmers(at)

Let the games begin!

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