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“For myself, being apart of two worlds can sometimes be overwhelming, but I also know that being apart of two worlds is a gift.”: My Conversation With Pedro Magni of the Filipino Adoptees Network

This past weekend a good friend said to me, “You know, I’m totally jealous of the fact that you get to talk with all of these cool adoptees for your blog.”  Indeed, interacting with adoptees and chatting with them about their stories, research, projects, organizations, etc., is the best part of running Land of Gazillion Adoptees.  Adoptees make the blog interesting.  And if folks were not willing to engage LGA, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to connect with Filipino adoptee Pedro Magni, who is featured below, and reconnect with my old friend Sharon Cuartero.

Many thanks to all adoptees, adoptive parents, partners of adoptees, and friends of adoptees who have taken the time to contribute to LGA, and many thanks to all who are doing their part in making the adoption community just that much better.


Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Would you mind talking about the history of FAN?

Pedro: Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN) was created in 2005 by two Filipina adoptees, Lorial Crowder and Sharon Cuartero. They wanted to create a space and resource for other adopted Filipinos to network, share their stories, learn more about Filipino culture, and keep up with events that were happening in the local Filipino-American communities.

Our website was redesigned last year as a WordPress blog, but all previous posts are archived. With the creation of Facebook Groups, the FAN adult group has been seeing more active posts on Facebook than on the WordPress site.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: You’ve mentioned that there are a few Filipino adoptees here in MN, but FAN isn’t active here, right?

Pedro: Yes, there are Filipino adoptees in the MN area. The ones who I know of were adopted from the same orphanage as I was and have a local community within MN. Because FAN is an online community resource, membership and the level of activity comes and goes. Anyone is welcome to add to the site and/or share their story. For safety and privacy reasons, FAN requires folks to sign up in order to comment on posts.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Whatever happened with “Two Worlds One Heart?”

Pedro: Wow. I forgot about that video. Thanks for reminding me. That video was created by my girlfriend for her class project.

Now that I have re-watched the video a few times, I am still reflecting on my relationship with my birth mother and family in the Philippines. Language is definitely a barrier that separates us and scheduling a call with my translator has been difficult in the past few months. She sends me a text message every so often and I keep in touch with a few of my kapatids (siblings) on Facebook.

My relationship with my adoptive family has definitely grown in the past year, partially due to the birth of my daughter. She is their first grandchild and recently we have been spending much more time together as a family. For myself, being apart of two worlds can sometimes be overwhelming, but I also know that being apart of two worlds is a gift. My heart with always have enough room for both worlds.

To be continued…

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Word…

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