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You’ve come a long way baby, Part 2: My Conversation With Lisa Medici, President of the AK Connection

AK Connection has been mentioned at least a dozen times here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees, mainly because many MN KADs interact with the group at some point or another.  It’s been one of the mainstays for the adoptee community here in the state, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the group does in the years to come.  Awesome!

And you know what else is awesome?

  • Lisa Medici, President of the AK Connection, who knows a thing or two about Tae Kwon Do, is totally badass…and loves golf.


Land of Gazillion Adoptees: So, AK Connection is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  Very exciting!  Can you give us a hint about your plans?

Lisa:AK Connection’s 10 Year Anniversary Gala will take place on Saturday, November

From AK Connection website

12, 2011 at 5pm.  The Gala will be at the Holiday Inn – St. Paul, 2201 Burns Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55119.  We chose that hotel because it has the Korean restaurant, V-One Buffet, that can cater Korean food for our Gala.  We are still working on the program schedule, but there will be entertainment, dancing, awards and prizes.  It will be a festive and fun-packed evening!

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Nice!  Festive, fun-packed, and Korean food!  What more could you ask for?!  Moving on.  What accomplishment gives the current board members the most pride?

Lisa: AK Connection doesn’t offer any professional help, but what we do is help adult adoptees, in different stages of their lives, connect with their Korean side through our events.  Some adoptees are just starting to learn about their Korean identity while others have been a part of the community for quite some time.  If AK Connection can help guide and reach out to one adoptee and help support him or her during the search for their Korean identity, then we feel that we have accomplished all that the organization is supposed to be.  Plus, celebrating our 10th anniversary is pretty impressive!

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Absolutely!  What does the next 10 years hold for the AK Connection?

Lisa: We believe that AK Connection’s mission statement will remain the same in the next decade: to be a resource for adult Korean adoptees by providing information and building a supportive community.  The community will evolve as the adoptee population becomes older, yet younger ones will always be joining.  The number of Korean adoptions has decreased and that is something AK Connection will have to be mindful about in 10 or more years; the organization will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the ever growing and diverse community.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Word…  And to you, dear reader, in addition to the 10 Year Anniversary Gala, I strongly encourage you to attend the AK Connection Annual Summer BBQ on Saturday, August 27th at 5:00 pm.  Click here for more information.  You can’t make that event you say?  Well, you’re in luck!  As Beth Daly mentioned in a previous post, AdopSource is having a shindig on August 14th, too.  Click here for more information.

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