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Papa to Hapas in S. Minneapolis

For the last post of the week, I’m announcing the launch of Papa to Hapas in S. Minneapolis.

As I say in the “About Me” section, this blog is mostly for my extended family. There will be a lot of fluff. Nevertheless, others may find it of interest. There will be posts about recipes, music, books, movies, TV, and stuff about our very white neighborhood. For example:

Maybe he thinks I’m the hired hand? – Awhile back during the MN spring meltdown, Danielle went walking through our alley with Quinn and Olive. One of our neighbors, whom I’ve met a few times, decided to chat her up about a variety of topics. It was all fine and dandy until he asked, “When was she [Olive] adopted?” Hmmm…

What does this mean for Land of Gazillion Adoptees? I’m going to slow the blog down to about four posts p/week. This decision was inevitable. There was no way I was going to keep up the rampant pace.

With that, I end with an image curtesy of Dr. John Raible, who was featured last week.

“Perhaps it’s time for less talk and more action… here are some posters I would LOVE to see plastered at adoption agencies, conferences, and support groups!” (via John Raible Online)

1 Comment on Papa to Hapas in S. Minneapolis

  1. Thanks for the link to John Raible’s video. It was difficult to watch for several reasons, and ultimately reminded me of why I wanted to work among my homies – and why I needed a break. I feel like I’ve been (necessarily) removed from having to think about adoption for awhile – life got super busy there for a minute. So here you are, stirring sh*t up, and here I am, wondering what my role will be in all this considering the stage of life I currently find myself in. Thanks for picking off the scab, JERK!!! Just kidding. Talk to you soon.


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