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Are you Park Dong Ok/박동옥?

Rae Green, whom I featured awhile back, e-mailed me the following.  It’s being passed along by others, but duplication of efforts isn’t a bad thing in this situation.

A Korean mother is searching for her daughter.

Name:  박동옥, Park Dong Ok
Place of Birth:  Seoul
Age of adoption:  4 years (Korean age)
Present age: around 37-39 years
Adoption agency: Korean Social Service (KSS, 한국사회지)
Supposedly sent to Minnesota

During a late night dinner of spicey pork, kimchi stew, and soju, we found out that the woman cooking for us was the Korean mother of an adoptee.  The mother had stated that she had tried searching for and finding information about her daughter, but there had been no reunion or contact.  She explained to us that her daughter was born in Seoul, Seong-bok-gu, Mia-dong, by the name of 박동옥(Park Dong Ok).   When the mother  visited KSS to learn more about her daughter told her they told she had been sent to Minnesota.  The Korean mother believes her daughter is in her late 30s.

Currently the mom works in and owns a small restaurant not far from the Han River.

If you have any information regarding her daughter, or if you believe you may be her daughter, please contact us at: or

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