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“Ending South Korea’s Child Export Shame”

Please read this amazing piece entitled “Ending South Korea’s Child Export Shame” by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs.  All evidence points to adoption reform in Korea.  I FIRMLY stand with the adoptees, unwed Korean mothers, and other organizations who have worked tirelessly.  I encourage all, including adoption agencies, to do the same.  Follow-up video forthcoming.

“Despite promoting domestic adoption since 2005, South Korea remains a top five sending country to the United States accounting for almost 13 percent of all 2010 overseas adoptions. Adoptions from South Korea generate $35 million annually with a single overseas adoption today averaging $15,000. By contrast, the Korean government provided an unwed mother in 2009 with only 50,000 won (about $48) per month to care for her child. The money from one overseas adoption would pay an unwed mother’s family subsidy for 25 years of her child’s life”

1 Comment on “Ending South Korea’s Child Export Shame”

  1. The bill passed today with 188 YES, 0 NO, and 4 Abstain. That’s a HUGE YES for Korean families! Now, what to do with that funding cut to post-adoption services?

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