MN Brews With A KAD, Episode 2: Asian Zoolander, aka, Attack of the Killer Male Vietnamese Adoptee, Part III

Note from Land of Gazillion Adoptees: We apologize for Kevin Ost-Vollmers in this video.  He first forgot to bring the battery for the camera, and so he had to shoot the conversation with Tuan Schneider on his iPhone.  The video isn’t HD quality.  Also, because Kevin held his phone close to his face for some odd reason, Kevin’s voice is loud at times, and Tuan’s sounds very low.  So, for best audio, you’ll have to turn it down when Kevin says whatever comes out of his mouth and turn it up when Tuan speaks.  Sorry.  Additionally, Kevin loves the word “fantastic” way too much, although it is a fantastic word.  And we apologize in advance for some of the topics Tuan and Kevin cover.  This episode of MN Brews With A KAD is totally PG-13+, and may offend some folks.


Part 1

Part 2