The Dynamic Duo: The LGA Podcast Conversation With Ethiopian Adoptee Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, formaly of Joint Council

Man, Ethiopian adoption and JCICS are getting a lot of time here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees!  We continue the trend with our conversation with Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, who once worked for JCICS.  They cover a lot of ground.

P.S.: Factoid.  Maureen and I go back to my days with Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS).  She was one of three bosses that tried to keep me in line while I helped the Adoption Service Information Agency transition into CHSFS East.  This fact plays no role during the conversation.


–>Maureen and Ascelefech Evans<–

A P.S. From Maureen


Topics covered: history of JCICS, Child Citizenship Act of 2000/adoptee deportation, connecting with first family, Ethiopia Reads, adoptee driven philanthropy, adult adoptees as the leaders in adoption, true humanitarian aid, addressing the fear within the adoption establishment and some adoptive parents, advice for JCICS, NCFA, and CCAI.