Offer Financial Support For the Minnesota Transracial Film Festival!


Land of Gazillion Adoptees Nation!  Watch Adoptee Films, a subsidiary of LGA, is happy to be partnering with AdopSource and AK Connection for the 2012 Minnesota Transracial Film Festival (MNTRFF; Saturday, November 10; Monday, November 12-Friday, November 16).  MNTRFF is going to rock!  As far as we know, it’ll be the first adoptee-centric festival that will have a physical and online presence.  Click here for more info.

In order to make it that much better, AdopSource, AK Connection, and Watch Adoptee Films has launched a fundraiser with some fabulous perks:

Give $15: Becoming a partner at this level gives you free admission to all of the films playing at the festival on November 10. (The admission fee for each film will be $8 per features, $5 for short films, and $25 for a day pass.)

Give $25: Becoming a partner at this level will give you free access to the online, supplemental film festival that will run for 5 days on Watch Adoptee Films. (The streaming fee for each film will be $9.99.)

Give $100: Becoming a partner at this level gives you a free pass to the post-film festival party featuring adoptee musician Mayda and her band. Additionally, partners at this level will be able to receive drinks for free during the first hour of the party.

Give $250: Becoming a partner at this level gives you an invitation to the all expenses paid VIP Dinner on Friday, November 9th. At the dinner you will have the opportunity to talk with the filmmakers in an intimate setting.

Give $500: Becoming a partner at this level gives you/your organization recognition on all of the film festival literature, which includes the Minnesota Transracial Film Festival website and Facebook page, AdopSource website, AK Connection website, and Watch Adoptee Films website. Partners at this level will also be mentioned during VIP Dinner with the filmmakers, film festival, and post-festival party.

And this hilarious promo video:

So, what say you?  Would you like to become a partner of the AdopSource, AK Connection, and Watch Adoptee Films Team by offering financial support?  If so, go to this link and join us!  If you can’t offer financial support, please consider “liking” the MNTRFF Facebook page and passing the information along.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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“Talk With Us About…The Ungrateful Daughter Going To New York,” Featuring Lisa Marie Rollins


We here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees love Lisa Marie Rollins, and are totally excited that her one person play The Ungrateful Daughter: One Black Girl’s Story of Being Adopted into a White Family…that aren’t Celebrities will be shown at the 2012 New York International Fringe Theater Festival.  Check out our conversation with her below, and PLEASE consider offering financial support to Lisa Marie and her crew’s Kickstarter campaign as they travel from the west coast to the east coast.

Click on the “play” button below to listen (5:35):

Check out the full trailer for her play:

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The Dynamic Duo: The LGA Podcast Conversation With Ethiopian Adoptee Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, formaly of Joint Council


Man, Ethiopian adoption and JCICS are getting a lot of time here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees!  We continue the trend with our conversation with Ascelefech Evans and Maureen McCauley Evans, who once worked for JCICS.  They cover a lot of ground.

P.S.: Factoid.  Maureen and I go back to my days with Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS).  She was one of three bosses that tried to keep me in line while I helped the Adoption Service Information Agency transition into CHSFS East.  This fact plays no role during the conversation.


–>Maureen and Ascelefech Evans<–

A P.S. From Maureen


Topics covered: history of JCICS, Child Citizenship Act of 2000/adoptee deportation, connecting with first family, Ethiopia Reads, adoptee driven philanthropy, adult adoptees as the leaders in adoption, true humanitarian aid, addressing the fear within the adoption establishment and some adoptive parents, advice for JCICS, NCFA, and CCAI.