My Chinchilla

I got a pet!

There are certain moments in life when you must be prepared for great changes. Just like having a new baby in your family, getting a pet is no different. They need lots of attention and caring besides making sure that the environment you provide is safe and appropriate for its needs.

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you can commit to the responsibility of owning a pet. For example, if you get a dog, you need to take it out for a walk three times a day. On the other hand, cats need to exercise every evening. If you can’t make time for these activities, maybe you need to reconsider your decision and get a fish instead.

It’s all about getting the pet that is suitable for your needs and how much free time you have to spare. The worst thing you could do is to provide housing for an animal and then realize that you can’t take care of it. The little one goes back to an animal shelter with a broken heart.

Before adopting a pet, you should ask questions and do your own research. Maybe you can find a breeding group or online forum where you can exchange thoughts with other members. A good example is the Chihuahua that is tiny and adorable but can become a real danger when put in the same house with children. Therefore, choose wisely and learn about the species you want to bring under your roof.


Another mandatory aspect is to get a veterinarian’s opinion prior to settling on a certain type of pet that caught your attention. A medical expert can be an excellent source of information just make sure that he or she has a level of expertise in the area that you’re interested. Since you’re about to bring a new member into your family that requires a great degree of medical care, you will develop a lifelong relationship with your veterinarian.

You know how crazy parents get when the newborn is about to be brought home and they worry about the furniture being unstable, the shelves needing a fix or the doorsteps being too high. Well, the same situation applies to animals. It’s crucial to check your home and see if there are any hazards such as countertops, chemical bottles left on the floor, electric cords or small cords that can harm your pet.

You need to be careful with the adjustment period, too. Unlike human babies, that calm down when you give them attention and affection, pets are reluctant and need a secure area where you can observe them from far distance. Find an enclosed space that has a comfortable bed and a kennel that you can close to keep the pet from wandering through your house. After a while, when pets don’t feel in danger, they will get accustomed to their new crib.

Lastly, invest in special treats like toys and all sorts of healthy snacks. If you like fluffy rodents and you bring one to have a playful companion inside your house, don’t forget to get the best chinchilla wheels where he can play all day long.



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