Why are some people allergic to some types of animals?


Living with allergies is not an easy thing since there are plenty of triggers especially in spring. However, most allergies occur because people have over-sensitive immune systems and can react to a series of factors, from dust and dirt to mold, specific ingredients, and even pet hair.

Obviously, being allergic to pets is the worst, especially if you want or already have one in your house.

Pet allergies mainly occur when the subject is exposed to various proteins in the animal’s dander, urine or saliva due to a weak immune system. So, contrary to common opinion, it is not the pet hair that actually triggers various allergies but the substances it can collect and carry, including other allergens like dust or pollen.

Here are a few things you might want to know about how to treat pet allergies.


Symptoms of allergies

The symptoms can vary from one person to another but are usually similar to symptoms of other allergies. It can start with a simple sneeze or a cough, but it can lead to an itchy or stuffy nose. Red and itchy eyes are also a sign of an allergic reaction, but you may also experience red and itchy skin sometimes.

Although there aren’t many things you could try or do to prevent these, you should at least have some allergy tests and see if you’re unusually sensitive to certain ingredients or substances. Keep in mind that these reactions are just your body’s way to battle with foreign elements that might threaten your health.

Cats and dogs are some of the most common pets that can cause allergic reactions, mainly due to their fur that is the perfect environment for dust, pollen, and dead skin cells. However, almost all animals can trigger these reactions, no matter how long or short their fur is.

How can you treat animal allergies?

As easy as it may sound, the fastest way to get rid of your allergic reactions is to try to avoid making contact with these animals. If you’re allergic to cats or dogs, but you still want them in your household, you can build outdoor houses for them. Cats can stay in the hallway or in another room that can be easily ventilated while dogs should sleep outside.

Another option to stay away from allergies is to opt for other animals that can become great pets too. Fish, turtles or even snakes are excellent companions and can live in their own water tanks without running around the house.

If everything else fails or you are in constant contact with animals, you can ask your doctor for medications. Some vitamins and supplements can improve your health system and help you stay stronger, too.