Do ferrets make good pets?


Ferrets have this adorable face that you can’t say no to. They are loving animals that like warm places and to sit on their owner’s lap. However, the thing is you have to know how to take care of them to avoid all accidents because they are wild animals even if their hearts were tamed by the prolonged exposure to humans.

They’re ideal for people who hate keeping their pets in cages for too long, as they can be allowed to roam free indoors. Nevertheless, they do require a lot of attention from time to time, and if you are someone very busy, maybe think about changing your lifestyle before rescuing a ferret, or at least make sure you know from the start what you’re getting into.

Housing a pet ferret is not a difficult task. While you do need an escape-proof crate to keep it in at night, it can also be left to run around your room if you keep an eye on it. The container you buy has to be sturdy and to be large since these pets adore big open spaces. And because they are playful little animals, provide the crate with tubes, hammocks, and running wheels.

Since they are just like any other pet, this breed is prone to specific health issues, so make sure you have enough money to visit the vet once in a while. You have to vaccinate it against rabies, and also give them medication against parasites. And if you want to be proactive, it might be a good choice to spray your furry friend.

Regarding food, ferrets are not exactly picky eaters, but you need to keep in mind that they are carnivores. All of their diets must include meat and fat so they won’t develop nutritional deficiencies. Vegetables do more harm than good, so try to avoid giving such foods to your pet. Check online stores for prepackaged food, as they are nutritionally balanced most of the time.

Just like humans and dogs, ferrets come in all shapes, colors, and personalities. They are usually extremely playful and like to play with their owner. That’s why you need to make time to play with your pet outside of its crate. Otherwise, it will become distressed and depressed. Most specimens in this breed tend to nip your fingers, but if yours does that, there are simple ways to train that behavior out of its personality.

All of this being said, owning a ferret is a unique experience that cannot be duplicated with any other pet. They have special needs, but overall, they are easy to take care of if you invest your attention in doing that. You will never get bored with a clumsy ferret around you, and you will find that it can be a loyal companion to help you escape loneliness.