The Death of the LGA Blog


At the end of Neil Gaiman’s monumental Sandman series, its protagonist – Dream – ceases to exist.  Another aspect of him replaces the original, aka Morpheus.  Many believe that Dream/Morpheus may have planned the “death” all along.

When I started the Land of Gazillion Adoptees (LGA) blog, I knew at some point, most likely in three years, that the blog would transition into something else.  Its death was inevitable; that inevitability has transpired.  After today, this blog will no longer exist.  Sooner than expected, it has become Gazillion Voices, which has received rave reviews and great press.  And in the coming months, individuals visiting this url– www.landofgazillionadoptees.com – will see something completely different, something that reflects the “new” LGA.  Bittersweet.  Indeed.

I’m incredibly thankful for the LGA blog.  Like a true friend, it grew with me, transformed me, supported me, instructed me, guided me, introduced me to new friends, invigorated old friendships, and reinforced a singular idea – it’s the adoptee community’s time to lead.  I also give thanks to all of you.  You have been instrumental to the LGA success, and I look forward to partnering with many of you so that we can play our small role in what can only be called The Adoptee Renaissance.

Adoptees rock.

Kevin Haebeom Vollmers
Founder, LGA

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Gazillion Voices Kickstarter Update: Nearing $10,000!

Per our last post, we have been super quiet here because most of our attention has been focused on transitioning this little blog into Gazillion Voices magazine.  Our Kickstarter for Gazillion Voices is moving along.  We’re nearing $10,000 raised, and we have released some amazing stuff.  Check out John Sanvidge’s first film essay in its entirety FOR FREE:


Additionally, check out this great gag reel:


Despite all of the success, we still need your help to get Gazillion Voices to the masses!  Please forward the campaign along and support it if you have not already done so.  Here is the link:


Thanks in advance, and thank you for believing in us these past 1.5 years.  It’s been a great ride.  Onward and upward!