Can Round Glasses Work go well with me?

Can Round Glasses Work go well with me?

Harry S. Truman, 1945. wearing Round Glasses

Thousands of people every day find out that they need glasses for improving their eyesight or that they need to go to stores to upgrade the ones they’re already wearing. Have you also been one of them or at least planning to be? If you are, you’ll be facing the infamous question whether the glasses frame you fancy do actually look good on you or not. Round glasses are one of these frame styles and in the same way, if you happen to love round glasses frames, you should know what your face will look like with them. Let’s find out.

Every spectacle-wearer who’s starting on wearing glasses or looking to give their current frames an upgrade knows that there isn’t any ‘one style to rule them all’ gimmick to choosing glasses.

This is because of several reasons. Many eyewear experts argue that face shapes have a profound impact on the general outlook of a frame sitting on a person’s face. A person, specifically their personality, skin complexion, hair, eyes or their own style are some of the factors that determine whether or not a certain pair of glasses would look good on you or not.

Having said that, anyone can sport round glasses but that doesn’t mean that they’ll look good in them it’s the size and proportion of your facial structure that determines the look, feel and whether or not a frame has compatibility with you. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should do some looking into your own facial structure and determine which side of the face shapes spectrum do you lie in.

Here are some features you should concentrate on while considering round glasses frames:

Head Size:

Round glasses stretch out in all directions due to their circular shape. This makes them quite large in size so you should also be vary of your own head size while considering to buy a pair. People with smaller heads should take more care while selecting the correct-sized frame for themselves. 

Individual Fit:

Round glasses can be different for every person depending on the intended fit. You can keep the diameter small or large depending on how big and bold a statement you’re willing to make.

Many other people who aren’t big on making style statements, just opt for the optimum sizes that sit perfectly with their noses and head sizes.

Skin Complexion:

In addition to other factors, the color of your round glasses should go comfortably with the complexion of your skin. There are a lot of color guides that you can check online.

Style or Persona

The kind of round glasses you choose should reflect your own style and persona. You should analyze your activities, personality and check if the style of glasses you choose can reflect those activities or characteristics well. For instance, if you’re an avid book reader and reflect an intellectual vibe, minimalist round glasses would go really well with you. But would they look as good if you’re more of an athletic person who plays a lot of sports? This is what you need to determine.

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