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4 essential items for your chinchilla

I enjoy having a cute pet, and that means that I invest some time and effort into making sure that it is happy and healthy all the time. As a new pet owner, I decided that I needed to learn as much as possible about how to care properly for my chinchilla. Here is the advice I have for other people who are considering the possibility to get this type of animal as a pet.

A proper carrier

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you care for a chinchilla, and one of them is how to travel with them in perfect safety. That means that you need to get a carrier or a travel cage that is small enough to prevent your chinchilla from getting hurt. That is the most crucial aspect of a travel cage explicitly designed for this animal.


Plenty of hay

Your chinchilla loves eating hay, and you should provide access to fresh hay all the time. You may be surprised to see how much hay these small animals need. They do not eat all the stalks, and they can be quite finicky about their hay. That means that most of it will just be wasted. Why does your chinchilla eat hay?

The fiber in the stalks is essential for their digestion. Your pet can get bloated if there is not enough hay in its diet. Also, because chinchillas chew on hay all the time, they give their molars a good workout, another essential thing for their health. Do not overlook this simple aspect; conditions such as bloating and malocclusion for their teeth can lead to their death.

A pumice stone

As rodents, chinchillas have strong front teeth that grow throughout their life. You should consider getting a pumice stone and placing it somewhere your pet can easily access it. In case you want an alternative, a piece of wood would also serve the purpose quite well.

This will help the chinchilla to trim its teeth regularly. Keeping the frontal dentition in good working order is essential for chinchillas and trimming them keeps them at the same length. If there is nothing to chew on for this purpose, chinchillas can fall ill.


A pet brush

The coat of this animal is very soft to the touch and very dense. While that makes these animals cute and lovable, it can also be a source of discomfort if it is not cared for properly. Make sure to get a pet brush from the specialized store in your area, and proceed to comb your pet’s hair regularly. Besides providing a lot of comfort for your pet, you will be able to bond with it, as well.


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