Renegades in Adoption – Arun Dohle


Joining Renegades Dr. John Raible and Jane Jeong Trenka is Arun Dohle.  I heard his name a number of times when I worked at Children’s Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS), and the words were not so kind.  Yeah, if one of the most well known adoption agencies in the US is talking smack about you, and you live thousands of miles away in Germany…  Well, that’s total Renegade material.

“I would like to nominate Arun Dohle for Renegades in Adoption. I admire his work in exposing corruption in international adoption, often at great personal risk to himself as well as his determination to be reunited with his mother in India. In spite of his crazy schedule he is always there to lend a hand if anyone needs any help. It is great to see those who are on the inside of adoption, the ones who are supposed to be grateful and love only their adoptive parents and the system that made them a family, stand up and challenge those views and open the door for other people who feel the same way, but feel they have no role model to follow in their attempts to unlock their past” – Terri Hambruch, adoptee, adoptive parent

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3 comments on “Renegades in Adoption – Arun Dohle

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