“Adoption Identity As Shared Identity Among Adult Korean Adoptees”: Monthly contributor Farnad Darnell shares his dissertation


You’re in for a treat today, dear reader.  Monthly contributor Dr. Farnad Darnell has agreed to share with you his Ph.D dissertation. It’s of course lengthy, but totally worth the read.


P.S. The plan was to post monthly contributor Shelise Gieseke’s piece today as well.  However, new developments with the potential to influence what she had originally submitted came up.  So, we’ve decided to change the publication date.  Stay tuned…


Adoption Identity As Shared Identity Among Adult Korean Adoptees


Farnad J. Darnell


Wayne State University

Kimchi Challenge for the Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association (KUMFA)/HEATER fundraiser


This is very simple, dear readers.  15 of you folks give $5.00 or more from now until 11:59 pm, Thursday, November 3.  The money goes to the Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association (KUMFA)/HEATER fundraiserIn return, the world will witness 5 dudes (two white guys, three Asian guys) consume the following kimchi in one sitting.  The eating will be video taped at Brooke Newmaster’s Korean Heritage House in St. Paul, MN and blasted out into the world afterwards…IF 15 of you folks give $5.00 or more. 

This is a ridiculous amount of kimchi for five guys, and, as the old saying goes, it will hurt on the way down and hurt on the way out…  Thank you Jakyong Kim, Pat Gingles, and the anonymous Korean adoptee who made and donated the kimchi for the cause.  Our stomachs thank you!

So that you know, the money raised from the kimchi challenge will benefit the HEATER facility of the Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association (KUMFA), which advocate for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. KUMFA’s goal is to enable Korean women to have sufficient resources and support to keep their babies if they choose, and thrive in Korean society, rather than feel compelled to place their children for adoption.  HEATER is KUMFA’s facility that provides care for mothers who keep their children.  Click here for more information about KUMFA, HEATER, and the fundraiser.  And if you’re convinced that watching 5 dudes struggled through a huge amount of kimchi is really good entertainment, send your $5.00(+) via PayPal to kumfa.volunteer@gmail.com or shannon.heit@gmail.com.

Let’s do this, people!

The Kimchi Eaters

Sean Larson, aka, the vegan who gags when he smells anything vinegary

Sean is the white guy on the left. Yes, he's VERY white.

Tom Jackson, aka, the really tall white guy married to Kim (Dalros) Jackson

Aloun Phoulavan, better known as Julie Hart’s husband

Aloun is the, ah, guy on the right.

Aron Spiess, better known as Ami Nafzger’s husband

Kevin Ost-Vollmers, aka, the jerky/arrogant guy who runs Land of Gazillion Adoptees

Land of Gazillion Adoptees Podcast, Episode 7, aka, LGA’s conversation with Adam Pertman, Executive Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Institute


Topics Covered: Evan B. Donaldson InstituteAdoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families – and America, Gay and Lesbian Adoption: A New Dimension in Family Diversity, ethics in adoption, the role of adoptees in adoption, the role of non-adoptee adoption experts in elevating the voices of adult adoptees.

Click on the link below to listen.  Enjoy.

–>Adam Pertmand Podcast<–