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  • KAAN 2015 Participants, courtesy of KAAN

    I Love Our Community

    I had a wonderful time at KAAN 2015; it was easily the most rewarding gathering I’ve attended this year. I’d like to express my gratitude to Stacy Schroeder, Kimberly [...]
  • Killed By Police

    “We Are Not Troublemakers!!”

    Written by Erica Gehringer In a recent interaction with a private Korean American adoptee Facebook group, I, as well as fellow adoptee allies, called out overt anti-black [...]
  • Jeff Chang

    Who We Be, Where We Stand

    "And people will just be like – they'll be getting down in, ‘Well you're not making a distinction between race and culture and ethnicity.’ All kinds of strange and crazy justifications to actually not have to deal with the question or the topic that's at hand." [...]


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